The Necessity of emotion.

In Plato's republic he attempts to created the perfect State, and the perfect citizen for that State. This included the elimination of the family, as well as any relationships whatsoever. Take a small snippet from Republic "Women - all of them shall belong to all men and none shall cohibit privately; they shall bear children for the state."
Now, it's obvious that this wrong. We get the knee jerk reaction of "what!". But then, the idea begins to make more sense if we look at it deeper. After all, if relationships (especially those romantic in nature) are nonexistent than we would not have any problems with clouded judgment. People would not vote based on appeals to pity, or against the Death Penalty because "it's cruel".
But to understand why this is truely wrong we have to go deeper still. Why is emotion necessary at all. in matters of State? Why should we allow our emotions to cloud our "judgment". Why shouldn't we simply allow Logic to dictate our actions?
Because without emotion, there is no conviction, there is no passion, there is nothing to live for. It is a basic truth that every mans ultimate goal is happiness. Every action in every mans life right down to drinking a cup of tea is based off of what he thinks will make him happiest. It should be noted that men often have conflicting wishes. Sometimes we desire greatly to do something, but don't because of fear of embarrassment, humiliation, etc. But still man does what he thinks will make him most happy. So how does this relate? My entire point for this post can be summed up in one sentence: "Logic is what makes us believe something, emotion is what makes us care." For instance, I am a solid Libertarian, now I know that logically Libertarianism is the best root. But why do I care? Because of emotion. Emotion is what gives me the passion to do something about my belief. Without emotion, logic is futile.



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