Vents about music.

I have this theory that there are three types of people who listen to music. No one is ever just one of them completely, we are all a mixture of two or three of them. Here are the types:

1. The Popularists
This is the person that falls under the class of people that listen to what is usually called "Mainstream." That is not to say that everyone who listens to mainstream music are one of these people, but that all Popularists listen to "mainstream". You get it? Good. At least I hope so. The point is that these people didn't actually like the music they listened to, at least when they started listening to it. But their tastes are centered around what is popular at the moment. They people have made The Jonas Brothers, The killers, the beatles, and several other even less worthwhile mentioning bands popular. Not to say that some mainstream bands aren't good, but that most of them aren't. These types of people follow the crowd (who ironically are also following the "crowd" I. E. the media) and have little taste of their own.
These people will even at times not listen to/keep off their iTunes library (or non-apple equivilant) music they enjoy simply because it would be enbarassing if one of their friends (or the people who "really" like the music they listen to, even though they indeed are just the same as said person) found out they listened to it.

2. The Anti-Popularists
This group of people can be described as the antithesis of the former group. They intentionally don't listen to what is popular, simply because it is popular. They can be accurately described as "Indie" music listeners. I've recently found an amazing website called "Stuff White People Like" that accurately describes these peoples personalities pertaining music. "If you mention a band you like and the other person has heard of them, you lose. They own you. It is essential that you like the most obscure music possible." (You can read his full article about Indie music here) It so happens he's right. Many people are obsessed with listening to the most obscure, different, unique music possible. And the minute it becomes no longer obscure, they move onto different bands. Most of these people view themselves (sometimes subconsciously) as better, or more "diverse" than the "Popularist" crowd. They have better "taste" than the next guy. The more obscure the music you can train yourself to like, the better.

3. The Individualists (Not in the normal sense of the word)
This is the small and truely unique group of people who genuinly enjoy the music they listen to. These people don't care if their friends don't like the music they listen to, if they like it, that's good enough for them. They listen to some indie, some mainstream, some middle of the road. Or maybe they listen to all mainstream, or all indie, but not because other people like it, but because they like it. The Individualist genuinuly has taste, whether it's good or not depends on the individualists around him or her. These people are the one's who genuinly love music.

I don't believe anyone is wholy one of them. For instence I am a combination of the Anti-Popularist and the Individualist, leaning toward Individualist, but once and a while that Anti-Popularist rears its ugly head. Now the question is, what kind of music listener are you? I'm sure all of you would at least like to think you're individualists, and I'm sure to some extent you are, but what other one are you?


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