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Every so often I get one of those "Whoa!" moments when I'm suddenly shocked by the sheer amazing...ness of some everyday act or event. Tuesday, it was creativity. I was sitting on the couch reading a book about Rationalism (which is sort of irrelevant but it's what sparked the idea.) and I realized...wow...we, as people, have been given the ability to...make something. When I write a poem, or Micah builds a Lego model, or Rebecca draws a picture, (I know, we all write poetry, and at least two of us build Lego's, but these are unique examples) we aren't simply putting words or blocks together or making marks of graphite on paper, we are creating an idea, or a shape. We are putting something into the universe that wasn't there before! Can you think of how amazing that is!

Okay, so I don't expect you to share my excitement, but I found that really cool!


Art said…
That is certainly amazing! It reminds me of last year, talking with my physics professor about potential energy. It makes sense to think of potential energy in a roller coaster, before it races down the track (thus, through movement, becoming kinetic energy) but when you apply it to people, it becomes awe-inspiring. We aren't just machines or plants converting one type of energy into another. We are humans, and somehow, regardless of how much potential energy we ought to have, we can create something new.
Art said…
But one question...are we really creating or just imitating the creation? Perhaps we are merely subconciously trying to replicate "the form"?

Now I'm confused. Still amazed by God's gifts to us, but confused.
Michael said…
Well, just like the sculptor when we write a poem, or a book. We aren't creating a new form, we are using what has already being created to re-create. Or, as the narrator said at the beginning of primer said, "they took from their surroundings what was needed and made something more."

yes, those words existed, but that combination didn't. Sure the paper was there, and the pencil was there, but when you put pencil to paper and begin to move it and use it in different ways, you "re-created" a new image, which became your avatar.
This is the "wonder" that so many people lose and in our culture is is often lost at a very early age. I continue to marvel at all that we are capable of. I would have to agree with you Michael that our creating may be a re-creating but it is no less beautiful and inspiring.
SarahA said…
'Art imitates Life' 'Life imitates Art'

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