Stick it to the man!

"You can tell yourself you're doing your best, you can do so much better than this! Get a grip on yourself!" -Keane

I am, by nature, a lazy person. I procrastinate now, I never put it off! However, I also love getting things done, and enjoy diligence and slapping myself in the face to work on something! I tell myself "diligence is the key, diligence." So, this post is about two things: doing your best, deadlines, and Keane (okay, three things)

Doing your best.
I am convinced that few of us actually do our best. I know a few people that put their whole selves into whatever they are doing, but not many. Maybe it's just because I usually don't do my best, but I feel like people do....not "just enough to get by" but enough more than that to not feel guilty. I, for one, often will waste half my day doing unimportant things after my required stuff (as well as a little philosophy reading to make myself feel smart) will just go online and do something (anything will do as an excuse to listen to some music.). Or I'll watch an old Psych episode. I'll even do these things when a tournament is coming up, when I should be memorizing my persuasive (or my "pers/purse") or perhaps working on Extemp (I promise Kristen, I made my quota for last week....yesterday evening).
Until I heard Keanes awesome song I hated the phrase "do your best" because it seems so...patronizing, as well as meaningless. But what if we really consider what doing your best means? going all out! holding nothing back! To put all your being into something. The only thing I can relate it to is a foot race. I am hyper-competitve, in a foot race I run with all my might! Especially as the end approaching, you'll see that oddly "rageful" looking expression on my face with my lips in a tight circle, my long-overdue-for-a-cut hair flying behind me, yeah...when I race I race with all my might, no matter how bad my cramp is. Aren't we supposed to live like that? running "the race as if to win"? I know so many times I'll say "I didn't have enough time" "If I had two more weeks" or "the tournament is too soon!" when really if I had only been diliegent I know I could have made it work by sacrificing something else. So, every so often join my in reminding ourselves "Get a grip on yourself!!"

They are amazing. Deadlines make the work go 'round (Hayley and Katie know what I mean, nano-people.) Deadlines are wonderful tools to get you to do something...and fast! nanowrimo is a perfect example ('d be great at it.)

Keane 'Nough said.


Hayley said…
Hahah, Michael's running face!!

<3 deadlines. Although, I think I'd take pacing over sprinting the entire way. So, what's the stick it to the man part?
Michael said…
I now use the phrase to encourage myself to do pretty much any thing, sort of like my other favorite phrase of "suck it up" both of which are ironic considering that I tend to slack of as well as complain about how horrid I feel :P
Micah E. said…
Ditto. Everything.

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