I think the "I'm feeling lucky" feature on Google has been neglected, it's probably pretty upset with us for using the "Google Search" feature far more often...an example of its awesomeness: type in "nanowrimo" it takes you directly to their website! So...be nice to your "i'm feeling lucky" button.

This has been a minorities/discriminated against spokesperson announcement.


Art said…
What is discrimination? Is it just a difference in treatment? Or is it an uncalled-for bias that leads to an unjust action?

Michael said…
...Rebecca...I think you're reading too much into this :P Honestly I think discrimination is treating people as less than because of a factor that is irrelevant (not really by definition but by usage). Like, it's (by definition) discrimination to higher a more qualified worker over a less qualified worker, but that's not a bad thing. But hiring the black guy over the while guy and vice versa is discrimination. (by usage)
Micah E. said…
Unless the black guy is more qualified.

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