"There are places in this world that aren't made out of stone. That there's something inside that they can't get to, that they can't touch. Thats you"

This Place is a Prison - The Postal Service.
For a long time people have said that our bodies are prisons, but I always disagreed. After all, God created our bodies, and they are inextricably linked to the mind, or "thought" part of us. But then I was talking with Micah and Mr. Fiore and...I can see it now, though it is now the prison that many people say it is. As Micah said when our minds are joined with our bodies (at our creation) we start to draw on the walls...and make it person, and keep it close to us. In a way we slowly get dirtier and dirtier as we paint our sins on the walls of our prison of a body. "us" in the prison is our mind, and the prison is our body. Our minds change the prison by carrying out actions with it. Eventaully however, when we are saved all the dirt is washed off of our minds, and we are clean. But the prison is not, the prison is still the same old grimy place it always has been. When we sin, it is no longer us sinning but the sin living in us. There are now two of us in the prison, dueling it out, and sometimes the dirty one of us wins. As Paul said, to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. Our bodies were originally created as a perfect part of our being, but sin has twisted them into prisons for our minds, prisons only death can free us from. I understand now the puritans extremes of calling everything related to the body as evil, such as sex or dilicious food etc.

I'm alone in this world - U2
U2's song "Wake up dead man" starts: "Jesus, Jesus help me. I'm alone in this world, and a f**ked up world it is too." (pardon the language.) In a way, while we do interact with each other, there is always a part of us that is alone in our own minds. No matter how close you get to someone, where is always that part of us that no one but God can touch. No matter how much you are loved or persecuted, in a sense when it comes down to it...we are all alone. We all live alone in a world of 6 billion people. And we let people get closer and closer to what we call "us" or "me" but no one can ever entirely touch it. Our mind is our own. Tyranny has not yet found chains strong enough to hold the mind, or something like that (someone's impromptu quote.). So, our bodies are our prisons, and our mind is our own and only God can know it entirely.

You're all I have. -Snow Parol
"I have no fear 'cause you are all that I have, it's so clear now that you are all that I have." yes, I am misconstruing this song, it's really about a love interest, but I'm stealing it anyway. Because no one can touch us, except Christ. In this world of community and love and friendship, in the dark when we're alone, when our thoughts cannot be distracted by external reality...He is all we have, and we should have no fear because he all we have!


Hayley said…
"All deep things are song." -Thomas Carlyle

The realization that ultimately we are completely alone in this world except for God is at the same time an incredible relief and a disheartening thought.
Grace Joan said…
About our body as a prison:
Then what can be meant by the resurrection of the body?
Grace Joan said…
oh, and why is it that we get to say that the body is the prison of the mind?
(it was, after all, our minds idea :P)

Why couldn't it be the other way around?

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