"They may take our postings...but they'll never take...our FREEDOM"

Disclaimer to Mrs. Au: That title is for effect only...and bears no relation to how I actually feel about the whole postings thing!
I'm not gonna give you a blow-by-blow of the FREEDOM tourament, but I am gonna tell you that it very well may be the best tournament of the year! It was...amazing. I think Mrs. Au deserves the biggest pat on the back ever given, she did something incredible with this tournament, and we are all unspeakably thankful! I love all these people so much! It definitely has put me on an emotional high that will start to run out around...I don't know...Wednesday after next ;) (I just might make it that long!) I definitely compete half for the people there :P talking with Micah about our bodies being prisons and the "objectivity room" and...like the universe and everything else! Micah...I should know you better, but I was too insecure to talk to you enough last you to really get to know you :( Human stupidity strikes again! Becka's victory was....at the very least EPIC (and deserved.) Just...make sure it doesn't go to your head Becka :) Let God be glorified! I....am emotionally drained and at the same time emotionally hyper. It's one of those times where you wonder how anyone can be "emo" or not want to live! It doesn't matter what situation your in! This is the WORLD! It is a beautiful creation! And it needs your help! (not entirely, but you get the picture!) Live! love! Do what is right...just because....it's right!!! Tournaments are beautiful things....people are beautiful...even the ugly ones :P There are times when I want to hug people so tight that I'd crush them! Definitely felt that at freedom...you people...*sigh* I love you more than I could ever say.


K-Mac said…
"people are beautiful...even the ugly ones"

tru dat, my brotha

nice recap of the awesomeness, and yes, props to Mrs. Au!
Michael I hope that Mrs. Au got to read this post. I know it made me smile and I think I need to put it in my tournament notebook.

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