A day of (almost) silence. This post is gonna morph...I can feel it.

It's 7:54 PM, April 13th, I'll post this tomorrow, or today, depending on your reference point. I've perhaps said a dozen words in the last twelve hours. That's a dozen too many. I'm starting to feel like a jerk for not answering people's chats, I should have stayed invisible, but I wanted to put up my status.
Yesterday evening I decided to try to go all of today without talking. At maybe around ten I said "yes" by accident when Grace called my name. Around two I asked Roelof where he'd gone, at about four Jonathan tricked me into saying "I have no idea", and about an hour ago Katie came in and asked me a question, to which I responded "yes" and promptly put my hand over my mouth. I'm learning a lot today. Both about the selfishness of not saying anything, and the selfishness of saying too much. I've seen situations gloss over that would have exploded if I hadn't kept my mouth shut.
Is it selfish to keep all your idea's to yourself? Yes, yes I think it is.
It is selfish to spout everything that comes into your head? Yes, yes I think it is.
If you keep all your ideas to yourself, quite honestly people miss out on the possibility of benefiting from your unique perspective of the world. (All idea's and philosophies are influenced by the person who thinks of them, to be able to share that influence with other people gets everyone closer to truth)
If you spout all your ideas obviously people wont want to listen, but more importantly, you'll never have time to listen to others, or give them a chance to tell you something.
So, before I get into an interesting idea, I'll finish up my silent-day experience. I gotta say it's been mad fun! And it's also made me think I'm an introvert, or possibly an Ambivert. (Break the braintype mold!) I've had a blast working by myself almost the entire day, talking to no one and not really hanging around people much. It all seems quite selfish, and is way too much fun to be good for me. But really, I believe it has been. I've wanted to do this for as long as I can remember, several times I've tried but not told anyone than mum would say "Michael Lawrence, answer me!" However, I've also felt a strong desire a few times to talk to my friends. I'm not sure that's Extroverted or what.

Now, back to what I wanted to talk about, but kept myself on track for your benefit. If you think about it, every living person is like a massive data base. Even a five year old has ruffly five years of information stored in that little head of theirs. When you ask someone of, say, twenty three what their favorite book is you are asking someone who has maybe read 100 books (Quite possibly many more) to pick one that stood out the most, thats an incredible resource, and an incredible sort or "store house" of information. I don't mean to treat people like machines, but I think that's kind of interesting. When you ask people the right question you are getting accese to something that is unique, every living person that walks, joggs, runs, bikes, drives on this earth has something that is wholly theirs, and that no one else can realize completely, or discover wholly on their own. I'm still boggled by most of it, but I think I see a little bit of the uniquensss of people. Being unique "just like everybody else" doesn't make you any less unique. Just as being human "just like everybody else" doesn't make you any less human. If everyone is smart, everyone is still smart.


Art said…
I wondered about the silence. (Mainly because you didn't turn green all day.)

So, unique doesn't need to mean outstanding, it can just mean different. =)
Micah E. said…
Gandhi spent one day of ever week in silence... I can't imagine how he pulled that off.
Micah E. said…
Wait... if you don't have a middle name, why does your mom say "Michael Lawrence, answer me!"?

The middle name is a lie?
Michael said…
That's one of my fake ones (the longest standing.) I was given it when I was about six.
Grace Joan said…
that last line may be the best thing you've ever written.

I'm just sayin'

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