The enemy is I.

Humanity, why do you slumber?
Why do you kill with every breath you take?
Can't you see what your shoes are doing?
Can't you see what your supermarkets are doing?
With every coffee bean you buy
Stop and Shop enslaves someone
Where do you have to live to matter?
Where do you have to be born to be worth something?
Who is your neighbor?
I am your neighbor, humanity. I am.

A man walks down a dirt road,
carrying his dying son,
calling for his coughing daughter to follow
He is your neighbor, humanity. He is.
Forget about your milk shakes
Forget about your POG juice and honey.
Why do you care about the price of Guava juice
while drugs to save lives are there for the buying
Humanity, what have you done?
What have you not done.
You have killed.
You have let die.
You've paid for rebellions
and perpetuated wars by creating destruction
Organized distruction.
War to bring peace.
I don't buy it.
I don't care about your theories.
I couldn't care for your justifications,
your reasoning's and your incremental ism.
Slaves that ready your stimulant,
and puts shoes on your feet, humanity
they don't care either.
Helping those that help themselves
only makes the rich richer
and the poor homeless.
If you have two shirts give one to your neighbor
If you have one shirt, give him that as well.
Humanity, who are you?
Who are you that throws men into forced labor?
Who are you that kills for convenience?
You are me.
I am humanity.
I buy the shoes that send children to the sweat shops.
I eat the food that someones back was broken for.


Grace Joan said…
Lord, save us from ourselves.

(practice resurrection)
Art said…
Ugh. Thank you for making me sick of myself.

(but you should have heard the presentation on sweatshops at the 2008 Freedom tourney)
Michael said…
Quite honestly I don't care about the economic help that sweat shops might do.
Micah E. said…
What Grace said, I can't find the words to say how significant this is, only a prayer for rescue.
Micah E. said…
Kaitlyn said…

That is all.


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