I don't have a friend that I love the most, yet somehow I always want my friends to love me the most.


Hayley said…
The danger of forgetting God's love overshadows any human love?
Michael said…
*nod* I'm actually thinking of writing a post about that, after reading some of "Till we have faces" and the irony of it.
Art said…
This brings to mind an old question that I've asked before. (What's worse, being afraid you don't love your friends enough, or thinking they don't love you?)

Sometimes I wish that I would stop asking questions, and just love.

But then I think, how can I just love if I don't know what love is?

And I wonder what would happen if I actually knew who I loved most. Or if I was loved the most. And my brain starts feeling sick.

It seems like we can expect nothing from anyone, and yet we are asked to give everything.

Do post about that, I'm interested to read it.

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