"Ignorance is bliss."

Do I want to know what is real?
Reality, I hate you.
Reality, you break down my comfort
why can't you just leave me alone.
Fake is fine as long as I don't know it.
Reality, when I discover you why can't I stay away?
you're like a dead kitten in the road on a boring day.
Why do I stick with reality rather than what is pleasurable?
Why do I have to believe it to enjoy it?
Reality, you cut down my fortress. I'd rather not know you,
But when I do know you, I can't forget you.
I care more about reality than fun.
More about Truth than bliss.
I guess somewhere somehow I know what bliss really is.
Bliss is based in good, good in Truth.
If I hate reality, I hate Truth
If I hate Truth I hate bliss.
If I love ignorance I love a lie.
Reality, I love you.


I know some people that wonder how anyone in touch with reality can be happy: there is so much amiss in our world. Yet I wonder if all the truly miserable people are the ones living in fantasy, because every injustice will be made right. And that, unlike our temporary pain, will last for eternity.

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