"I wish I felt nothing"
emotions are too confusing.
they won't stop messing
with my objectivity, stressing
every moment, hoping for something
something solid,
I don't want to want to sing.
All these thoughts emotions bring,
I'd rather not let it sting.
But instead to Reason, cling.
I know emotions are from the King,
I'd like to end this with a little lesson on accepting
but really it feels like lying
because I still wish they'd start leaving
now I feel lame for picking such an easy string
and not bothering
with length of line or anything.
I wont let my emotions take wing
I'll keep them where I want them staying
But, I guess they kind of make me more caring
in fact, I hate my emotions. Such hypocrisy (ha!)
Without emotion would I do anything?
Oh, repeating
now, eh?
not classy at all, Michael, not even a little.


Hayley said…
It's strange, and maybe it's wrong of me, but do you have any idea how much this made me smile? Like my face hurts now. I really like rhyming. I'm trying to understand this sentiment, but I guess I'm too much of a feeler. Yes, feelings are ridiculously confusing, and frustrating, but I'm more freaked out by the prospect of having no emotion at all.

And it's funny (not funny haha, but funny weird) how even when we know things intellectually it doesn't change the way we feel about them. Intellectually it's relatively easy to see the necessity of emotions, but it doesn't change the fact that they're confusing and we resent that. Such is the puzzle of the human soul.
Art said…
"not classy at all." Haha! this NaPoWriMo lends itself quite inexorably to lame poetry, I can definitely relate, Michael.

"Without emotion would I do anything?" I think that without emotion, I would feel dead- but no, that is still a feeling. Hmmmm.

I have a hard time thinking of a logical reason why I sometimes hate my feelings. And yet...I know I have. I guess a record in memory is not enough to recall feelings?

Word Verification: conest. Contest, as in, what life is not, except without the T. (A capital T that stands for trouble! /music man reference.)

Example: "Oh yeah, for that new debate resolution my neg value is excellence, and my criterion is conest. It's a balanced neg to allow us to compete without any hurt feelings." :P
Michael said…
I'm glad you liked it, Hayley. There's something whimsical about repeating rhymes like that that is mad fun.

conest: to persuade by deception, cajolery.
None of these definitions sound remotely admirable.
Art said…
No, no. The closest definition they had is for "con," which is certainly not admirable. But conest is not a word in the dictionary! :D

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