"The less you find out as you go."

I'm wondering about something. When we do not understand something, what are we likely to think of it? In my mind there are three possibles, and that all three at different times are true. (If you can think of others, please share them)

1."You always admire what you really don't understand." -Blaise Pascal
I can definitely agree that I often admire what I don't understand, and a lot of times when I come to understand it I admire it a little less, or do not put it on a pedestal. An example of this is classic literature. I admire almost all classic literature that I have not read or do not know the story. When I end up reading it, sometimes the admiration increases sometimes it decreases, but regardless I admire it before I read it.

2."And you always fear what you don't understand." -Carmine Falcone (Batman Begins)
It's true, we (I at least) fear the unknown. Maybe that's a pessimist thing, but I don't think so. It's natural to be afraid of what we do not understand. An unknown or vague enemy is usually more frightening than I well defined one.

3. "You always scoff at what you don't understand." -Me, because no one's said this to my knowledge.
I have looked down on an idea before, when in truth I simply did not "get" the idea, I didn't understand it. This caused me to just think "that's silly" or "that doesn't even make sense!" Same with people. People I don't know, I sometimes admire, sometimes fear, and sometimes look down on.


Micah E. said…
This could be part of one of those three, but: You go into denial about what you don't understand?
Michael said…
Hum...that's true Micah, I don't think that fits in anywhere.
Art said…
I find it funny that those three statements include the word "always." pretty obviously, they can't all be true.

I don't admire what I don't understand, I admire people who understand what I don't.

And people who I don't understand...hmm. I don't think that I scorn, admire, or fear them. My head just starts hurting when I can't process the reasoning behind people's actions and personality. I guess...that is pretty close to scorn. When I don't "get" someone, I often feel annoyed because they are harshing my mellow. (Not that I should get annoyed at them...just, I don't care about the world as much as I should. Bleh.)

When I don't understand concepts, I have no emotion towards it, I just face it like a problem that must be conquered, it generally absorbs my life.

I don't think that synthesized anything. I wonder, what should my response be?

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