Love Rescue Me

1. We are human beings. God created us in his own image, after himself. I believe that this is what gives us the ability to love. The capacity to love. Simply by nature of being human we can love people.
2. If the fall had never occurred, than our love would be perfect. Adam and Eve had the ability to love each other perfectly, because God had given them that ability, and because they lived in communion with God (they had it so good, didn't they? Can you think of it...perfect communion with God?) Unfortunately, we do not live in paradise. We have fallen out of communion with God, and that is why our ability to love has become limited, because through sin our connection with God has been severed. 
3. When we, in our human weakness, love someone more than we love God, than we have ironically gipped the object of our love by selfishness and an extremely limited ability to love. In order to love our neighbor, to love the world, we must love God first. He is who gives us our ability to love others to the greatest extent.  
4. If we desire God, and allow Him to work through us, our capacity to love others is increased, not decreased. The irony of loving someone else before God is that we actually cannot love them as much as we should until we love God more. Selfless love is only from Him, and without Him any human love is selfish and limited. 


Art said…
Hmm. It's like this quote I wrote down from The Four Loves (which I finished today, by the way.)

"Even for their own sakes the loves must submit to be second things if they are to remain the things they want to be. In this yoke lies their true freedom; they are 'taller when they bow.'"

Hayley said…

(How is that word spelled? Gipped, gypped, jipped? Darn colloquialisms.)

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