A Psalm

Oh can't you see what man has done?
Highways, bridges, skyscrapers.
We've created this reality,
grown to make and understand .com
We've fine-tuned clothes for ourselves
We've made light bulbs and cheese graders
Armies rise at our hands,
We've conquered the seas with our submarines
We've climbed mountains with our tools.
Oh, can't you see what man has done?
Who made the seas?
From what did we make our skyscrapers?
Who formed the fabric that we nit?
Who imagined light in his mind?
Who thought of the cow, and made it's milk?
On what foundation has man built?
Who formed mountains in his fist?
"Oh, can't you see what love has done?"
Oh, can't you see what He has done?


Micah E. said…
"In order to truly make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
Hayley said…
And what I love about this, is that the more "advanced" the human race becomes the more definitely we are the same as we've always been.

Because all of our foundations come back to His foundation.
Andrew said…
Somebody play that on a harp.

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