This part is called...

being stupid.

If you were paying close attention in "The pursuit of Happyness" then that makes sense, if not...too bad. Okay, it's story time with Michael (puts on Frezned voice) Are you ready for a story? 'cause it's story time suckers! Michael, for the record, is a numskull, an idiot, an airhead, pick your adjective. Now, I don't say this to be self deprecating, I just did something really stupid. I pulled an all night-er, because somewhere in the deep recesses of my genius it made sense to a couple of braincells...I think those were the ones that hadn't quite died from the last time I inhaled helium (which by the way, was during regionals). But, at around five I got up from my computer, took a shower and got to play responsible for a while, which is always fun. I swept the kitchen floor, and emptied the dishwasher, and you know all those chorse you consider doing for other people all the time but don't get around to it, an then do them to make yourself feel good :P Oh, and naturally after all that was taken care was time to make some muffins. The things you forget/do when you're extremely tired... (Oh...forgot to invert that one....too bad for you guys)

Some of you may have read my facebook status. The recipe definitely called for baking powder, not baking soda. As I was mixing the batter together, almost ready to put it in the pan...I began to wonder "THIS is going to rise in the oven?" It didn't seem likely...then it dawned on me... (being cool is all about leather sleeves! no..not really)

Baking soda...bad....baking powder on the other hand is your friend. Okay, I saved the muffins once already with remembering the baking powder at the last it's time to put them in the muffin cup thingies and stick 'im in the oven (it's at 355 right now...I better finish before it's done preheating= don't rush yourself when you're cooking, especially when you're tired) So...I'm putting the muffin batter into the...cup thingie's sheet..whatever...and, it seemed like there was something missing. The semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels were sitting on the table looking a little forlorn...

So I had to take all the batter out, and being a little OCD I cleaned out the...the muffin thing and started over. This time, success!

Apparently the batter only made eight and a half. The one in the top left corner is the "end of the batter" one ate that one. Now all that was left was to pop 'um in the oven and wait...

Read over your own notebook, maybe try to write your poem for the day (and fail miserably)

Jacob, that one was just for you. And yes, I was really lip syncing it ;)

I can far too easily see my interest in Allen Ginsburg's works turn into an unhealthy obsession. I'm actually reading a poem in this picture, FYI

And then...perhaps a minute our two too late, there they stood...beautiful. Micah, to you this would be the equivalent of a Lego model, or perhaps a robot..the culmiation of you creative genuis...right in front of you, except mine is etable.

The end.


Hayley said…
Frezned is not all the awesome in the world. there is also Andrew Bravener. Ftr. [I feel like a YT missionary.]

This is so Andrew Bravener. See, you've got the quick unfortunate story part. And you've got the baking part. You've even got the reference pop culture/movies/other YouTubers part!

Further, I was so going to write a blog starting with "Are you ready for a story? 'cause it's story time suckers!" And now I can't cos you beat me to it. I resent you and your Frezned fandom, Michael!

Also, please sleep. That is all.
Michael said…
Hayley, whenever I talk to you about Frezned I feel like a poser ;)
Hayley said…
You're just saying that to make me feel like I have some fandom in this world to call my own.

But I don't. Stop feeding me lies!
Micah E. said…
After reading this, I can't decide if I'm blessed that I've never pulled an all nighter, or if I'm missing out on an incredibly important part of life.

Oh well, this was amazing. I'm off to eat avocado salad.

(FTR, the code I had to type in to publish this was suntag, very applicable)
Art said…
ftr, I think ftr is vastly overused.

"being cool is all about leather sleeves!" hehe.

"Hayley, whenever I talk to you about Frezned I feel like a poser ;)"

I like inside jokes that (I think) I get. (But if I kept up with Frezned, I'd not even need to say that.)

It's kind of upsetting me that I can only see one of the pics here. Ah well.
Micah E. said…
"ftr, I think ftr is vastly overused."

ftr, qft.
Hayley said…
Stop desecrating the acronym, yo.
Michael said…
tcstt, Hayley, tcstt (The Clown Speaks the'll catch on.)

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