"You're the only thing that I love scares me more everyday, on my knees I think clearer."

Miss: be without (http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=miss)

Do I miss God? This post isn't going to have a lot of bible verses in it, it's not well researched. If it has any it will be from the top of my head and unreferenced :P When I'm away from my friends (Friends: I have a picture of you in my phone...wait...by that standard only Hayley, Jacob, Kristen and James DeFilippo would be my friends...scratch that. Friends: people I love.) I miss them, I wish I was with them. I love God. Not all the time and never as much as I should :( But I love Him. Do I miss God? Not really. Should I? Somehow I've gotten the feeling that I ought to always desire to be with Him in paradise. In a way I do, but there are times when I am fully content, when I do not wish I was anywhere else.

I know that God is always with us, in once sense of His omnipresence. Perhaps that is why I do not miss Him. (And the fact that I can talk to Him anytime, about anything, anywhere...He really is the perfect friend..and I never resent Him for being better than me :P) When I am not with my friends I can become "faded and weary" (yay for Fiction Family references, eh?) but I never feel faded and weary from missing God? Should there always be a part of me that misses Him?

Okay...epiphanies should never come in the middle of writing a post. I do miss God sometimes. The kind of missing that makes it feel like there is a physical pit of a plum in your stomach. (I picked Plums over Peaches because the Peach stole Larry's hairbrush) There are times when I miss God, when I feel that pit. It's not peachy. It's when I sin. And it stays until I make restitution (to other people if need be). But is that the pit of missing God? or of guit? I think it's both...and that separating them may be a misstep. Is there actually a difference? Hum...

Last note: Is saying funny things, or having a humorful mood in a post when you're completely humorless a form of lying? Does that question now negate that if the answer is yes? *AH!!!*


Art said…
I wonder if it changes anything because we've never seen God, all that we know of him is how we experience him in this world.

"He really is the perfect friend." :)
And, at the same time, it's useless to compare human friends to God, right?

I don't think it's a form of lying...it's a form of coping with life being pretty annoying sometimes. =/

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