I am not, as a rule, a moron.
Moron: idiot: a person of subnormal intelligence.
Tuesday was different. It started out normal enough. I went to work, did work rather slowly because I was feeling so tired and a bit alone after nationals ending. But when I got home I got an idea. A wonderful, awful idea. No, really. I decided I'd like to go to borders, which is right by the mall about nine miles from our house. After discussion with Hayley and Kristen, we...Kristen decided that I'd take the bus, instead of biking. Well, my dad was going to Wal-mart so he was going to drop me off at the bus stop. We got there right on time, 12:15. I sit down and wait, then I see a sign saying that the buses arrival fluctuates....fifteen to twenty minutes. Foolish me figured that buses were like trains, they're always on time! Not so, I am a moron. Now I figure I must have missed the bus, so I sit down and figure I'll just have to wait for the next bus (at, or around 1:15) I settle down with Till we have faces on the curb. Well, a few minutes go by and I look up to see the bus driving past me! The bus I want to be on.
So I did what any self respecting romantic would do. I chased it. With my book in hand flailing back and forth as I atttempted to get their attention, or catch up at the red light. I did not catch that bus...this time.
I started to walk forlornly back to the bus stop. Then I realized that if I walked down to the busstop at city hall, maybe a ten minute walk, I'd be able to shave off five minutes of waiting. So, I went with that idea. Reading as I walked, I headed for the library first (I had pleanty of time.) I went in there for a couple of minutes, checked to see if they had "the perks of being a wallflowers", a book I'd heard of once somewhere or other. They didn't.

Then I decided to walk toward city hall, it was about twelve fifty. As I was walking...I saw the bus pass me...again. they weren't supposed to be there for another...twenty minutes (this bus stop was every hour at ten past...or so) So I chased that bus too. I didn't catch that one either.
I sat at the busstop some more, hoping that the bus would be back at 1:10 when it was supposed to. It wasn't. I knew it wouldn't come before it didn't come. I went into Snookies liquor store across the street and bought a milkyway bar. Yum.

My afternoon minutes began to slip by. It was all good though, because I spent them reading Till We Have Faces, which is probably what I would have done if I had been at home. This way was much more fun. I waited for the 2:10. It got there probably around two. I don't really recall. I was reading. It picked up two people right in front of me. (It's a very good book) I lifted my head just in time to see it pulling out...so I chased it a third time. At this point I'm thinking that I'm going to miss the same bus three times in one afternoon. So...I think of Eric Liddell. Where he siad he ran the first half of the race with all his might and then prayed to God to run the rest for him. So...I chased the bus with all my might. And I caught it at another stop. I as out of breath. through the missing of the second bus, and almost missing the third this one man had seen me run and fail. He was on the bus, surprisingly enough. He paid for my fair. I think he felt bad for me. :P So, I settled down in the bus with my backpack on my lap and my book in my hand.

I don't really know how to get to the solomon pond mall (the borders is right next to it). But all the places we passed looked intimately familiar. But...as we passed more and more familiar places they began to breed contempt. This was the sort of "going to Framminghan" familiar. Frammingham is a way from the mall...a far way. I had gotten on this bus too late. The entire bus ride was something like an hour and forty minutes. I finished Till We Have Faces on the way. So, I finally made it all nine miles to borders at arond three thirty. Two and a half hours to go a twenty minute car ride from home. I walked around a bit in borders and got a hot chocolate to smooth my dry throat.

My phone rang. "Hey Mom"
"Hey. Katie kind of wants to go there, so we're gonna drive out to borders and you can just come back with us."
Not a word Michael...not a word.


Hayley said…
Michael, there is nothing moronic about not being able to navigate public transportation. Srsly.

The moronic thing is your chocolate consumption in conjunction with all this bus chasing. I mean, wth?!

Also, I've told this story to half a dozen people already, I think it's one of my favorite "Michael is awesome" stories. :D
Micah E. said…
This. Is. Awesome.

Yes. You made my day.
Elizabeth said…
"I don't know if I should laugh, or cry."

Oh Michael, what cracked me up was that as you were walking, you were reading! Ha!

And, you could have been more of a moron if you ran into something while you were walking and reading...

Art said…
Haha. :D I have nothing really to say except that your life is awesome.
Kaitlyn said…
Michael, that is a great story... :)
Kay said…
Michael, this is so epic! I am so glad I waited for the blog post.

Just wow.
Andrew said…
Fantastic story, Michael. I want to go chase buses, but I know that if I do it on purpose it won't be the same. So congrats to you for living an exciting life!

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