Is waiting wasting? What is nonsense? Does the fact that nonsense makes me happy make it sensical (One of the rare words that is only a word with a prefix). So...why do people smile in pictures? To make themselves look better, that's the idea. We look better with a smile on our face. But people give fake smiles in pictures, making them look manufactured, or even apprehensive (this one is my favorite fake smile, the one that makes the smiler took apprehensive, as if someone is about to do something very stupid and they want to sort of smile at it...but at the same time say "I don't think that's a good idea"). Is thinking actually worth while for itself? Is anything worth while for itself other than bringing God glory? Is it really human rights that are valuable or is upholding God's laws and uphold God's desire for the way the world to be that is valuable? Is every value pragmatic? Am I making this post becuase I think the ideas are interesting or because I'm waiting? Or because I'm waiting and realized that I haven't posted in a while?


Art said…
If nonsense means "lacking meaning" then making you happy is some sort of meaning, therefore it's sensical. But if nonsense is just illogic, your happiness has no effect on the statement's validity or truth.

In pictures, you have a choice between a fake smile and no smile at all. Fake smiles often look nicer. :D (That's a good description, by the way, I can picture exactly what that kind of smile looks like!)

If you're thinking about something praiseworthy, it doesn't matter if any results seem to come from it.

I think that we count "intrinsic values" as worthwhile in and of themselves simply because there are fewer steps in between the act and the result. So...I don't think that there is no action that is strictly just good for itself- things are good because they glorify God. But then, you could kind of argue the other way...that if anything that directly glorifies God is an intrinsic value, every value is intrinsic. Because God can be glorified in the process, not just the product. The process is the product!

I can't tell your intent. The question I'm asking is actually, why am I commenting on your blog instead of working on my negative case? But oh well, I already wrote what I wrote, it only takes a couple of more seconds to ramble on and finish this comment and type in the word verification....

(plus, I can't bear to be asked questions and not at least try to answer them)
Micah E. said…
*head explodes from reading so many questions*

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