"Laundry day, see you there..."

Laundry: Garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering. (I'd like to note that this definition is self containing, a loop, like an acronym that contains that very acronym. e. g. ACRONYM Acronym's Can Repeat, Orating No Yieldable Meaning. Now isn't that fun?) 
I did laundry today. :) It's Jonathan's day to do laundry, but he went to work, so the washer and dryer are free. I feel like a rebel. I keep my laundry basket in the bathroom, right by the washer and dryer. Some people decided they'd put their clothes in that basket too. It's really annoying. Well, for the past weeks I've cleaned pretty much everyone's clothes in the house on Saturdays, because they all have this compulsion to leave their dirty jeans in my bright red mesh container. Not today! Some of the clothes I found on the bottom of this basket I am sure are mine, though I do not remember wearing them in the past month. Some of these clothes don't even fit anymore. I lied about that last part. Anyway, I found a lot of socks at the bottom which is good because  I needed socks. Doing this laundry makes me really happy because I've needed to do it forever. I've been surviving on three sets of clothes that I wash every few days, every once and a while washing someone elses clothes when Saturday rolls around.


Hayley said…
Okay. Marcus. :P
Michael said…
Yeah, pretty much.

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