The Hipster.

We are a generation
Who knows exactly who we aren't
I'm not my parents.
And I'm certainly
Not going to let myself get grouped in
With all this "generation" crap.
I'm not you!
But you're obviously trying to be me.
We're not those peope who look like fools over there!
The one's laughing!
I'm not a thing like my friends.
They ain't like me.
We're a generation
Who knows exactly who we are.
I'm weird.
I'm different.
It says so on my facebook.
I'm into The Panda Bears
Yeah, of course you've never heard of them.
I'm a poet.
Like Ginsberg, but no homo.
Because he was different.
I'm allowed to be like him,
Cause he's dead.
He died when I was seven.
April Fifth nineteen ninety seven.
That's who I am.
I don't buy into this "live like there's no tomorrow" jargon.
Or this "Dance like no one's watching" garbage.
I know who I am!
I'm different!
I'm not like everyone else!
I'm the "G" In the Godel's Incompleteness theorem of society!
I'm a void.


[mc] said…
I want to like this. But I'm not sure I understand it.

Micah E. said…
Everybody is exactly the same... they're all different. I like this.
Art said…
This makes me think.

The only way for you to be entirely different is for you to be uninfluenced by people, and not influencing anyone else. (For example, I *have* heard of the Polar Bears, but because of you.) "A void" indeed.

And, you were seven on April Fifth nineteen ninety seven? :looks confused- a slight turn of the head and questioning eyes:
Hayley said…
This is easily one of my favorites of your poems. Best line: "Like Ginsberg, but no homo." I audibly laughed, clever.

[Also, you're weird.]
Grace Joan said…

(God save us from ourselves...)

"I have no generation, show me my motivation..."

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