the truth is.

I am a poet who has forgotten how to write poetry.

The truth is I never knew how.

The truth is poetry is eloquent.

The truth is all I ever thought I wanted was eloquence.

The truth is I’m too afraid of melodrama to write poetry that’s any good.

The truth is all I ever could produce was honesty.

The truth is all I wanted was to write truth.

The truth is, truth alone makes poor poetry.


Hayley said…
C'est la vie.

"The truth is in here miles midsommer."
Hayley said…
That is to say, well-put.
Art said…

"truth alone makes poor poetry." Does it? I wonder.

(ditto Hayley)
Micah E. said…
"If theology is poetry, it is not very good poetry." (I think I will be making use of every opportunity to quote Weight of Glory for a long, long time.)

I'm still not sure, though, if I agree that truth alone makes poor poetry.
Daniel M. said…
what is truth................
pontius pilate
mkr mouse said…
you wrote this very well.

Methinks you be a writer. :)

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