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the truth is.

I am a poet who has forgotten how to write poetry.

The truth is I never knew how.

The truth is poetry is eloquent.

The truth is all I ever thought I wanted was eloquence.

The truth is I’m too afraid of melodrama to write poetry that’s any good.

The truth is all I ever could produce was honesty.

The truth is all I wanted was to write truth.

The truth is, truth alone makes poor poetry.

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Hayley said...

C'est la vie.

"The truth is in here miles midsommer."

Hayley said...

That is to say, well-put.

Micah E. said...


Art said...


"truth alone makes poor poetry." Does it? I wonder.

(ditto Hayley)

Micah E. said...

"If theology is poetry, it is not very good poetry." (I think I will be making use of every opportunity to quote Weight of Glory for a long, long time.)

I'm still not sure, though, if I agree that truth alone makes poor poetry.

Daniel M. said...

what is truth................
pontius pilate

mkr mouse said...

you wrote this very well.

Methinks you be a writer. :)