What happens to me when I go to the library.

Well, a lot of things happen to me when I go to the library, but one stand out overall. Somehow as soon as I enter through those doors something in my brain clicks, and I assume an alter ego.

This alter ego is exactly like my normal ego. Same messy-from-biking hair, same tired smile to the library as I walk in, except this alter ego is capable of reading ten books at once, reading constantly, and has no responsibility in the world other than to fill this beautiful brilliant thing called "Michael's Mind" with a mixture of second rate teen fiction, classic literature, T. S. Eliot, and british pop music from the 80s.

He also becomes exceedingly taciturn, and walks faster than it is acceptable for someone to walk without two pound weights in each hand. He also thinks of ideas for his alter ego's blog.


Art said…
:smirky smile:

"this beautiful brilliant thing" hehehe, I like the way that sounds.

I think I underappreciate my library.
Michael said…
"I think I underappreciate my library."

The cobbler's children having no shoes?
Andrew said…
You remind me of me, ya know that? And it's a compliment - I like myself. ;)

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