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Sonnet that isn't.

This turned out to be not so much of a sonnet as a poem that resembles a sonnet in many ways. And . . .the idea of the poem is just of a mix between a lot of things, but mostly from the book "Remembering"

I have looked upon the truth as a present force

And turned my head away in favor of me

I knew I was in the wrong, that I was the source

Of this argument that caused you not to see

That the anger showed my love while separating

Me from it by allowing me to see myself as right

And caring enough about what you are saying

To combat it but not enough to give up the fight

And agree that I have been wrong all along

That I have been jealous of your love for others

When your love for others is a shouting throng

Of gladdened hearts pressed as close as brothers.

To give up this fight and let you be correct

To be wrong, is to admit I am not all you expect.

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A blog post. Because I can.

1. I care too much about winning and not enough about putting in the work to win.

2. Nanowrimo is slowing down. It's week two, and I really know what that means. I've written 60 words day, it's horrible.

3. Is "connecting" with someone all in a single persons head? and it just happens to be in separate peoples heads at once? I wonder if one person can think the have "connected" with someone else, and the other person does not.

4. "Neighbors? I have no neighbors Friends? I have no friends. This is my independence. This is my victory." -Remembering (Wendall Berry). To b independent is to be alone. To have friends, actual friends is to be dependent on other people, and for them to be dependent on you. I don't think God meant us to be dependent only on him in the sense of not needing other people. God was not entirely content within himself, was he? No, He was. He created the world out of his contentedness. He created the world as an expression of His own completeness. But he did not make one man, he made many, because it is not good for Man to be alone. Fellowship with those of your own kind the way of the world, or the way of life, the way of existence (even in God, the trinity). Our victory, or my victory is independence, but that victory isn't worth having.

5. The progress of yesteryear is the sentimentalism of this year.

6. Faith is what bridges the gap created by humans faulty mind. In heaven our minds will be restored and there will be no need for faith. But like grace, faith is a beautiful virtue. If reason truly does contradict faith, I am not sure I can support faith. But if faith finishes what reason can only start, then it is wonderful. And I think that it is wonderful.

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