Humankind cannot bear very much reality.

I do not understand myself, nor do I see fully who I am (inside or out). You do not fully understand yourself, or know who you are. I know you don't because the human race categorically does not understand itself. It might feel like not being able to see who we really are is an obsticale or a burden, or at least it feels (or felt) this way to me, but in reality I think it is a blessing.
We are broken, wretched, evil people. Perhaps if we saw how evil and wretched we really were, we could not help but love God and do good, or at least realize that we ought to. Yes, I think that if we really saw how horrible we were, we would repent and love God and man. So why doesn't God show us? Why doesn't he let us see ourselves for who we are, and who we might be? Because it would be too painful. I think that God doesn't show us fully who we are, because we would be so disgusted by it, and so hateful towards it that we may not be able to bear it. God has had mercy on us by blinding us to ourselves, he's covered our eyes so we can only partly see ourselves for what we are. He's protected us from a truth we cannot yet bear.

I do not understand God's glory, and I do not fully know who God is. You don't fully understand his glory or see who He is either. You can't. God hasn't show us all of Himself, but parts of Himself. I think for the same reason He hasn't shown us ourselves, because we couldn't bear it.

Instead of showing us to us, He's taken a different road in helping us to love Him, and repent. He shows us a little of our own sin, and a little of his beauty and glory, enough for us to feel the pain of our brokenness, and to see the fulfillment of His wholeness. By not allowing us to see who we are fully, he's shown us another mercy. He does not simply say "The hard truth is better for you in the end." He says "The hard truth is better for you in the end, but I will show it to you slowly, so that you might be able to bear it, so that the pain of glowing will be less." He loves us, and because he loves us, he shows the truth in love to us.


Hayley said…
"He's protected us from a truth we cannot yet bear." Having just read Oedipus Rex, this sentence seems to me to bear a wise point of view.

"He loves us, and because he loves us, he shows the truth in love to us." In all things, He is the example of living.
Art said…
Hmm. This is interesting. I haven't thought about God showing the truth in love before, but it's true, I think.

Grace Joan said…
(go, go, said the bird...)

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