Over explained, over dramatized, and under analyzed. (And self deprecating, to boot)

"I remember when rock was young, me and Suzie had so much fun!" Elton John blasts over the speakers as I sit with the store invoice in one hand, and a pen in the other. Haleigh smiles broadly (a rare sight) and says "I love this song." She lip synchs as I continue to read her the prices of various items and she continues to monotonously price them. From time to time we hear Billy's screeching voice singing "Na! na na na na na!"

I'm walking down the street, my shoulders tense, held up nearly to my ears. It's freezing. No, colder than freezing. The wind is nearly pushing me over. A car is parked next to me at a gas station. There's a little girl in the backseat. She smiles at me, and I smile back. A moment later I tell myself I smiled first. It always works that way, I make eye contact with a little kid somewhere and smile, then they either smile back or look nervously at their mother. But no, she definitely smiled first.

We pull up to the Starbucks at perhaps seven thirty. Through the window I can see a couple. This is clearly their first date. They are uncomfortable. They sit a comfortable distance away from one another. The woman has a large purse. She's a very practical girl. The man needs a shave, but certainly has just shaved.
The girl is nice to look at. Her nose is stubby and her head is cocked slightly to one side (deftly killing two birds with one stone by both looking flirtatious and keeping her hair out of her eyes). She does not smile often, at least not with her mouth, and she nods at whatever he says. She talks with her hands, letting her tea sit forlornly forgotten on the table. The girl is nice to look at.
The man has finished his coffee, which he obviously took black, and has taken to fiddling with the cup while the girl who's face is nice to look at talks. It's warm in the shop, but the wind is whipping outside. He's still wearing his blue gloves with the practical grip. That was a mistake.
They are infinitely interested in what the other is saying, or perhaps just in the others eyes, or neither. What are they saying? The boy says something and the girl laughs. It is a laugh that was expected, and he accepts it with an appreciative smile. The laugh came as if it had been waiting to be released, unnatural, and yet not contrived. It blurted itself out, jumping the gun. It had taken its place just before its cue, but the other players are grateful for its relieving presence. It means that they are both doing well.


Micah E. said…
I like this.

I never know how to act around couples... well, couples that are my age and that I know.

It's too cold.
Hayley said…
If I had a list of these things, Starbucks would be right next to mini-golf as "Worst place to go on a date ever."
Art said…
"The girl is nice to look at." :)

This post is wonderful - makes me miss you.
Kaitlyn said…
I agree with Micah: on all three accounts.

I agree with Hayley: absolutely!

I agree with Becka: =)

(I guess I'm just unoriginal. Merely reaffirming everyone's comments makes mine feel purposeless. :-p)

And, smiling at people = happy.

Art said…
Whoa, new layout! It's pretty awesome. And labels! This is an exciting day. =)

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