Today . . . I remembered that yesterday I wrote a journal entry. Go me. First time since . . . October or so. I feel like a blog post should go along with it. But I never feel like blogging about the things that I like to think about, at least most of the time. Oh! I found this poem I wrote a long time ago? Want to hear it? okay. Whoever can tell me what this is actually about gets a prize (an actual, literal prize, I'm working on it.)

I see the cage
and glimpse the man inside
I see the war rage
and I must leave now, besides

I go inside my own cage,
one of pen and page
to learn of the freedom
I hear the man!
he wakes!

the gate is broken,
the man is woken,
the liberty spoken,
I hear it from my window

the door stands open,
his liberty has awoken
me, I can be free
but . . . 'not for me.'


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