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Fear and Trembling.

And so I "wait patiently for the Lord."

(A book is a painting's opposite)

The Ideal Bookstore

And By You I Mean Me (Mercy)

Some further thoughts.

Today (from my notebook)


The Kingdom of Heaven.

So here's to silence!

Bright Star

Unapologetic sappiness

Things that have been on my mind

A quick story.

"Go, go, go, said the bird"

a waiting peace

Love Builds Up. (Trust)

What I've been thinking

"You shouldn't think what you're feeling."

Where I am

You shall love.

And yeah . . . it's a little crazy.

Are you? Yes!

Let it all out!

I don't know

I'm a selfish bastard

"And I will hold on Hope."

I don't care about being interesting anymore. (But I'll die if I'm not real)

(title unknown)

I want to love you selflessly.

"You would not have been calling to me unless I had been calling to you."

Eternity in their words.

This part is called "being stupid" . . . again. And resolutions.

A boring story.

To love god and enjoy him forever.

Three notebooks, each more (or is it less?) me than the last.

little realities

Half of a light bulb

Sticking to it.

Two poems.

Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Charlotte NC, 2010

Finish the sentence

New Years resolutions.