Charlotte NC, 2010

Reading Kerouac on the floor
"The essential smile/in the essential sleep."
I'm through lying to myself.
I surrender to myself
in my surrender to God,
the God of feeling,
the God of love,
the God of Violent Peace
I'm through trying my best
I'm going to put my real shoulder to the wheel
and present myself as I am
I'm through waking up,
through with moments of feeling, of truth.
It's about time I lived like I felt
what if I acted all the time what I see some of the time?
I'm through with resolutions and moments of recommitment
I'm going to live Truly, and sometimes it will be a lie.


Micah E. said…
This means something. Or... is meaningful, to me, is true.
I think, "thank you for writing this." but I'm not sure.
Hayley said…
This is it. This is actual. This is what I've struggled to understand.
Art said…
"the God of Violent Peace": mmm.

walking in truth confuses me.

K-Mac said…
you inspire me, hermano.
Kay said…
"I'm through lying to myself."

Me too. Thank you for reminding me.
Grace Joan said…
I just really like the last line.

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