little realities

This life is made of little realities
which happen more to be expected and remembered than for the happening itself.
Life is made of hope
The fulfillment of little hopes is at once most real, and most unreal.
Death is the beginning of real reality.
the beginning of all the little realities of life being sewn together
to create not fulfillment of hope (life itself)
but a more fervent hope yet
and to guide us to the Large Reality
Reality of Realities, and Fulfillment of Fulfillments.


Art said…
I really like the line, "Life is made of hope." I'm not quite sure what you mean by "little realities": I don't understand why the real happens in parts, or why it is not one ongoing reality.

The first thing I thought as I started to read this was that it was like a Sleeping At Last lyric. This poem doesn't have so much imagery, but it's confusing and full of thought, and worthy of wonder.
Hayley said…
"Little realties" reminds me of "Our Town" which, actually, the whole thing reminds me of Our Town. Which makes me wish I had read this :before: SHINE so I could have explained why. [But cerealsly, this poem puts more eloquent words to what I've been thinking about lately.]

Also, in terms of theme, if not only stylistically, this reminds me of the poems in Given. Or maybe I just read too much of it in one sitting.
Michael said…
I think that _I_ read too much of that book in one sitting, hence the similar theme. :P

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