Are you? Yes!

I am on some kind of . . . Being high. I just got back from L'abri. My hands are bit shaky, my blood is pumping. I feel invigorated, and simply by talking! Today I felt a blunt force of words, coming and going, to and from me.

I'm not sure what I ought to say. There are plenty of ideas in my head, but it seems impossible to share them in such a primitive way. Ideally I'd being talking to you in person. The word primitive seems ironic. Because the primitive forms of communication are the forms that have come after the original form of physical contact and so on. primitive forms of communication have been derived, invented. Huh. Interesting.

My head is racing, but not really going anywhere. Deep breaths Micheal, deep breaths. I'm so excited about the wonder of the world! And the mystery of this life. All that we don't understand, all that we don't know! And how wonderful it is that we don't know it! The perfect world of order must be so disorganized. I feel like to comprehend it would be to ruin it. Though perhaps that is just because I do not comprehend it. Perhaps my wonder at the mystery of existence is my inkling of how fantastic the secret must really be! Maybe mystery and knowing don't have to be opposites. Is that a paradox or a contradiction? Maybe some things are by nature incomprehensible. I don't know! (And it's wonderful!) Huh. that's punny.

*sigh* Today I am alive, today I am real, today I think I have some clarity. Today God has me present in myself. Today . . . Oh my.


Art said…

(And, I like the title muchly!)
Daniel M. said…
That post seemed to echo memories of Scrooge the morning after the visitors as portrayed by Allistair Sim. Or George Bailey when Clarence gave him his life back. Interesting and familiar energy level exuding forth from that post!
Pensword said…
The last paragraph or so remind me of the last couple paragraphs in "The Phantom Tollbooth." I get this kind of feeling a lot.

I get it vindictively when I'm made to study more science - some things are better left to themselves, without me comprehending it.

The Horrid Voice of Science

by Vachel Lindsay
Vachel Lindsay
"There's machinery in the butterfly;
There's a mainspring to the bee;
There's hydraulics to a daisy,
And contraptions to a tree.

"If we could see the birdie
That makes the chirping sound
With x-ray, scientific eyes,
We could see the wheels go round.

"And I hope all men
Who think like this
Will soon lie

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