I don't know

I feel this head splitting insincerity inside me and I don't know where it's coming from. I want to be honest about my uncertainty. About the limit of my interpretations. Today I think I miss a flavor of scrutiny, and Wendell Berry.

Huh . . .


Hayley said…
Same same.

I don't know but I don't care even though I want to . . .
Art said…
When I first read this, I felt like I didn't understand it much at all, especially the bit about interpretations.

Later I felt like understood so well, because I had the same kind of uncertainty.

And then I kept on thinking about it, and it spurred on a bunch of other thoughts:

I wonder about relating to people, and how, when I'm confused and uncertain, I wish I could be more, partially because I want to have truth to share with other people. And then... sometimes when I am sure and joyful, I don't know how to respond when other people aren't. I think, it's good to share both when you don't know, and when you can see clearly. People together then show reality rightly. I think, too, it helps the people who need to hear encouragement to find it.

So yes. Be honest about your uncertainty. ... Thank you very much.

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