This blog is not updated often enough. This blog often has typos in it because I post too quickly. If you follow it, you won't be bothered too often.

I want to love you selflessly.

"As she strove forward with her various claims on other people, she more and more destroyed the possibility of a genuine mutuality with anybody. Her need for love isolated and estranged her from everybody who might have loved her, and from everybody who did." - A World Lost, by Wendell Berry.

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Lis said... Spirit... no, you won't understand. Neither can I explain. Therefore: yessssss. *identifying/praying/dreaming of explaining*

Echoes in Ink said...

Can one love without thought of self? This must be a truer love...

Grace Joan said...

oh michael, it's too beautiful. :)
Wendell Berry makes the world better.