I'm a selfish bastard

Today has been a long day, and I woke up late today. Today's been a journey, from start to finish. I should be finishing a book right now, but I'm not.

This post is motivated by this post.

There are lots of reasons why I try to stay connected to my friends who live far away, who I can't be with right now. Some of the more admirable ones is that I want to be there for them if they need me, I want to not drift away from them because I love them. Then they get to more ambiguous motives: I enjoy good conversation, talking to them feeds my spirit. And then . . . Sometimes I think I just feel like I need assurance. Assurance that they are my friends that . . . well . . . that they love me. I'm a selfish bastard.


A&A said…
Oh! And how strangely are all things worked together for good, that, if selfishness must be our vice, at least it keeps us together.
Unknown said…
wanting, needing, desiring the love [and assurance of the love] of others doesn't make you a selfish bastard.

it makes you human.
Art said…
Oh, dear. . .

I'm sorry, I still don't know!

(forgive my hidden faults)

("No, I don't know how to show you, how can I show you, Finny? Tell me how to show you.")

I don't want to replace my needing you with a nothingness.
Art said…
Also, "I don't want to replace my needing you with a nothingness." is a reference to the CS Lewis quote, "they love you more, but need you less".
Oh. my. goodness.

Michael, your sister is right- everyone needs and desires love.

It's okay to have friends because you enjoy (desire, need, or want) them and the things friendship offers. Just because something isn't completely selfless doesn't mean that it's selfish. Frankly that's silliness.

It isn't selfish for me to eat- it's necessary. My eating does create more difficulties for the people cooking for me, and isn't an example of selflessness, but even Jesus ate.

Likewise purposely surrounding yourself with people who will encourage is about meeting a need, it's not self centered, especially if you are contributing back.
Faith said…
We're selfish, yes. If we were completely unselfish, who knows what harm we might do to ourselves.

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