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The purpose of movement is unmovement
Movement is a kind of resistance against unbeing.
Action is only a kind of reaction,
(there simply to sustain being)
a response to that which is constantly moving
because it is incapable of being.


Art said…
I like this so much!

It reminds me of the idea of integrity, of how doing must be inspired by being. I very much agree with the first line. It seems like asking questions... you don't ask questions for their own sake, but because you want to be at a place where you don't need the questions anymore.

And, "there simply to sustain being" is like that Wendell Berry poem you sent me the other day! Human creation is not to create, but only to sustain your participation in the larger creation. (I think that was the point he was making, at least...)

I'm also wondering what kind of non-being is constantly moving.
Echoes in Ink said…
This is wonderful! It reminds me of something I was thinking about - how life is a series of beautiful paradoxes. We move that we may not move. I sing that I may be silent. I fear that I may become courage.
You are wonderful.

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