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And yeah . . . it's a little crazy.

Love rips open their souls

as they aim at our chests.
A physical violence is

met with transcendent
nonviolence. Immovable
stillness (Only the cause and

end of movement) defeats
unstopping movement.
Willingness to suffer tears

apart the oppressors conscience.
The hypocrisy of retaliation
is endless and it keeps them

at our throats. Then there is
no victory left to be won. No
honor can be gained when

Hate overpowers hate. To
overcome, not overpower
we must love the oppressor.

And I've had enough of lip
service to love and life
while we devote our lives,

our money, our allegiance
to hate and death. The
defenses for this hatred

(for hatred it is, in action
not in feeling) are
equivocations and

affections. Neither logic
nor love. How can death be
fought with death and still hope?

Our failure is in imagining.
Until we can imagine our enemies
as our friends, our dear ones,

our beloved, we will continue
to kill rather than be killed.
We must die for our beloved.

Die for our oppressors. Die
for those that would kill us.
It is in death we show them life.

Injustice will be met with Justice.
For love is justice. Then they will
know that you are my disciples.

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