Love Builds Up. (Trust)

Worried with thoughts of friendship and unity
I idled by the side of loving
by looking at loving itself.

I tore you down in my mind
by failing to presuppose love.
For love to build up is for love to presuppose love.

I failed to carry your burdens by thinking of them,
my duty of love is to presuppose love,
and by that build up love.

By trust, we become trustworthy.


Hayley said…
I've come back to read this a couple times over the past few hours. I'm bemused by the cosmic coincident of having just read this same exact sentiment this very afternoon in A Severe Mercy. I'm just thinking about it.
Art said…
"By trust, we become trustworthy." amen.
Echoes in Ink said…
Ah. My heart understands.

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