A quick story.

Yesterday, I went to the library to check out a book of e. e. cummings poetry.
I found it easy enough. When I found it, I noticed it looked familiar. I have checked out e. e. cummings books before, but never actually gone all the way through them. When I picked it up I found inside one of my bookmarks (I make them myself). I was surprised an excited, and grinned all the way to the check out desk. I wanted to tell the library but feared she wouldn't be as amused or excited by it as I was. hum.


Pensword said…
haha, oh serendipity.
Liz said…
She would have looked at you for a little bit, and thrown you a quick smile and thought in her head "It's either apathetic teens who need urging to read poetry or it's the nerdy ones that have stuff happen to them like this." ;-)

Heh heh. :D

Actually ... I have no idea what she (or he for that matter) would have thought.

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