Faith cannot be against being disappointed, because precisely to conceive disappointment is to lack faith.
Faith and realism do not coexist.
Faith is the fool who dares to decide.
Realism exists in a kind of self-interested indecision. He will put his hand to the plow, but look back (preparing against failure). Realism (itself a kind of mistrust) stakes its life on nothing, and so exists in a kind of abstracted unreality. His life is a perpetual possibility, nothing more.


Pensword said…
I went to my Blogger dashboard...and freaked out, because I saw my name on your post. that I've read this...
You've done a good job defining this. And you've pinpointed exactly why faith is such a difficult thing.
Avery said…
I had to read this several times. And each time I read it I agreed with it more. This is good.

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