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I am not here to heal,
not here to understand,
or to work it out.
I am not here for peace and quiet.
I am here to be broken.
There is no peace and all
distractions and consolations have
been torn away, I am utterly myself.
(there is no one to pretend to)
I have taken off my clothes and
the bandages wrapped about my face
and there is nothing left to look at.

"And I am a ghost."
I come to be turn apart,
I stay to be "thickened up a bit"
he leads me beside
these quiet waters
are a violence
against my ceaseless movement.
The battle is a healing,
the violence a peace.

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Kraxpelax said...
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Hayley said...

"these quiet waters
are a violence
against my ceaseless movement."

Understanding this, slowly, now more than ever.

Avery said...

This is wonderful.