Forgiveness. It better be real, because I'm really counting on it. :) I feel the weight of my own failure over and over again. The sense of desperation and sadness. I feel how I fail to meet the standards of righteousness. I feel my emptiness and my self-centeredness and my self righteousness. I need, oh I need so terribly to be reminded of Grace. This morning I was finding it hard to feel the meaning (or have the passion) for Grace. Now I see it again clear. He has covered over a multitude of blunders. He hides the multiplicity of sin and embraces me, loving me into holiness. By love He builds love up in me. And He abides. Oh! He abides! I am united with eternity, and by His loving He is near to my soul. And I need Him now.


Hayley said…
"By love He builds love up in me."

Liz said…
Thank you for the reminder. . . thank you.

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