And By You I Mean Me (Mercy)

You feel the shame of your faithlessness
and the tug of regret
But you know the warmth of forgiveness,
(sensuous and human mercy)
loving you into trustworthiness.

The weight of your selfishness is lifted
and the yoke of brotherhood restored.

But "hang on just a minute!"
you feel a "righteous" indignation,
you are not the only one at fault!
They had their share just the same!
They certainly fell short of the mark,
at times! (and they ought to know it)
To think, they would go on
believing they were spotless,
as they let you down! Acted out of turn!

But the cup of mercy overflows!
What could be more lovely than
to be covered over,
to be washed and forgiven!
to come out free!
Than for them to be spotless?

To love is to bear
and love hides a multitude of blunders.


Liz said…
I'm not sure if I can add anything to this, but I thought I would say that I really like this. =)
Art said…
this is freeing, true.

I really like your using "you" instead of "me," I feel like it communicates more fully.

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