The Ideal Bookstore

I look at the first page,
Twenty-one dollars and ninty-five cents, it says.
It is a small volume,
but I think that price Just,
considering the depths of joy
and aching inside.

Perhaps books ought to be priced
what they're worth.
All those thick hard-backed
mystery novels would
be a dime a dozen,
no matter what news-paper list they were on,
and all those thin volumes
that contained the hopes
(joys, loves, truths, telos')
of a lifetime would cost
small fortunes.


Micah E. said…
There's a street in London where there are basically only book-shops. But, I mean, not regular bookstores, these ones specialized in selling first edition books. Out on the street in front of each store were tables of books that were free or really cheap: mostly Agatha Christi novels.

A first edition of the Four Quartets was over a hundred pounds. I felt silly for asking :P

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