The First Poem

"I've been avoiding you all day, you know."
The poem gives me a look
as if to say, "so have I."

It hasn't made it any easier in the end,
so I distract myself by watching a hawk
that has just landed on the rooftop
next to mine. He's sizing me up, too.
The hawk, not the poem.
He seems disturbed,
as if this is his row of rooftops
and I have no business being here
in the late afternoon. Especially
being dressed as I am,
in sweatpants and a pajama shirt.
Most uncivilized, he seems to say
as he flies away on the snobby
tips of his wings, his majestic
feathers fluttering in the cool breeze.


Art said…
"his majestic feathers fluttering in the cool breeze" :D

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