Driving is conducive to interesting thoughts.

It's time for me to Blog.

1 Newbury Comics makes me think of Mrs. Hutchins. She hates it. Not without reason either. There's a lot of vulgar and lousy stuff in there, but they've got a wonderful music collection, and cool employees. A few weeks ago I went in there to buy Death Cab for Cutie's new album Codes and Keys and got an impromptu review from the cashier. She's not personally a fan, but she thought it was pretty good anyway.

Today I went in to possibly get a good deal on some used Stars albums but I struck out. I wandered over to Bright Eyes to see if they had "Lifted" and unexpectedly found his new album The People's Keys. All of these details are completely unnecessary, I know. Pith is not my strong suit.

The same cashier (now sporting short bright green hair) told me that, while she isn't a Bright Eyes fan really, she really liked this album. I appreciate her volunteering this information. It's nice to hear what people think of music you're listening to. But at the same time - what is she a fan of? Perhaps she's so incredibly indie that she doesn't actually have any favorite bands but works in a music shops and listens to everything rather non-commitally.

Regardless, it wasn't until I got back in the car and was on the way to the Worcester Library to check out a copy of Chuck Klosterman's Eating the Dinosaur that I realized a good reply. While I'm not really a neon colored hair fan, I like yours. (It was true, she worked it, yo!)

2 While I was driving on route nine in the pouring rain, I passed a man walking up a hill with his bicycle. I considered stopping and offering him a ride, but by the time I had thought it through I was too far past him and I pushed the thought from my mind (this is a thought I have often).

Later, after going in and out of Newbury Comics I was coming down the same road, down a big hill. All the cars up ahead were virtually stopped, and there was a cop car pulled off to the side of the road. When it was my turn to rubber-neck past the cop car I saw the biker lying on the ground with a cop and a woman standing over him. Naturally I wondered: what if I had picked him up? Was I partially responsible for this accident? I didn't really think so - but if I was, I would be regardless of whether or not I had thought of stopping.


Faith said…
1 was funny. 2 is a thought I end up having quite a lot. Every choice you face branches off into different universes, where you could live completely different lives depending on the result of your choice. Traveling along the branched-off timelines of your life would be interesting.

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