April 4th

Always you are with me
Always you
Always you are.

In the greatest Joy of love
the blessedness of wonder
the brightest morning of Hope,
always you are there to thank!
there the wellspring of life!

In the darkest shame of sin,
the fearfulness of wonder
the deepest silence of the night,
always you are there with me,
you close in around me

In my shame you accuse me,
and in my shame you comfort me.

Neither life nor death, Joy nor shame,
nothing can separate me from you.

In my fear and blessedness
I feel your embrace
I cannot wrench myself
from your hand.

Always you are
Always you
Always you are calling me.

I am rich in wonder!
hemmed in on every side!
caged in love.

"Wonder, however, which is the beginning of all deeper understanding, is an ambivalent passion that in itself contains fear and blessedness. Or was it not fearful, my listener, that what you sought was so close to you, that you did not seek but God sought you?" - On The Occasion of a Confession, Søren Kierkegaard.


Art said…
The opening of this reminds me of a part of The Tree of Life...

I like the gladness in this poem.

I think, there is a lot of freedom in being caged in love.

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