Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit

I want to write about the people at L'abri: my friends.

Living with these darling people showed me that new people could become truly valuable to me. That my sense of belonging, of who may be a part of my life and whose life I could be a part of, was too small! They showed me love and friendship, understanding and sympathy. I listened to them share their lives and thoughts and shared myself with them. I laughed and (yes!) cried a little, we argued and made it up. And, when I was poor in spirit, they held me, both literally and metaphorically. We opened ourselves a little bit to one another, as the time would permit. We were a little naked, and we covered each other with love and forgiveness.

Yesterday I went to my friend Liz's graduation party with Katie. Hayley, Lilly, and I went for a walk together and talked happily.
Later, Liz and I walked through a field with funny grass and she gave me her friendship, and listened to me when I needed someone to listen, or to sit and enter into my sadness.

Today I worked for my uncle in the early morning, and afterwards I went to Christ the King church in Cambridge. I hoped a little that I might see some L'abri people there (we had gone there together before). Half way through the worship I had given up or forgotten about it when Drew slapped me on the shoulders from behind. I turned around and smiled and he hugged me in his boisterous way!
I sat with Drew and the others: Lilly (a different Lilly), Calvin, Emily. I felt lavished upon, and overwhelmed with affection.

Love. I am being so incredibly loved!
By a dear friend, with a patient, painful, loving silence. A difficult love, thick with integrity.
By friends touching me and willing to let me know I fit.
By Liz meeting me and saying what she can.
By God, reaching out in all these people, shouting "Here I am!" And I, "How great thou art!"

The sermon was on "Love hopes all things." What is my hope in?
In God's goodness, guiding my life. (Surely goodness will follow me in the house of God forever. . .)
A tenacious friendship, a shared brotherhood of love, united in the truth.
To be rich and full of life, to give and be loving and a light to other people, warming them.


"By a dear friend, with a patient, painful, loving silence. A difficult love, thick with integrity."
Oh dear. It's a nice feeling to feel so much older, but still the same person in important ways. Are you getting this in an email, still? Let me know!

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