Starting at Wheaton

Saturday, August 25th
Written in orientation session "Your calling as a student"
I'm so glad to be here! I want to use my time well. I see this time stretched out before me, and I'm excited for it!

I do not want to waste my time, or talents. I'm excited to get to know people, to encourage other students and learn from them.
To be frank, I really don't want to be influenced by the ironic and sarcastic coolness of some Wheaton students. I want to be genuine - and straightforward.

Risk to let yourself be known.
Risk in academics - Sin boldly!
I want to grow my relationship with Tom, I want to be genuine with him, and love him well . . . And I feel like I can really use a friend like him.

Thursday, August 30th
-Oh! I've waited too long! I want to share a little of my college experience with you few readers of my blog (and I love you so). But it is passing already. Second day of classes today. I had Philosophy 101 with Dr. Benson, which was phenomenal! I am so pumped for this class! I'm afraid to be "that guy" in my philosophy class. I'm still wanting to learn to be quiet. My excitement for the subject makes me want to talk a lot, but I'm learning (this has been an intentional project of mine for some time) to keep more of my thoughts to myself - to use discernment for when what I have to say would be most helpful.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know the guys on my floor - we're of all sorts! I'm very grateful for Corin, the "CLC" (something, something, council) on the floor. He's the most genuine, inviting, warm person I've met here - he welcomed me in, and best of all I believed him.
The leadership of Corin, Ben Fasano (our RA), and the returning sophomores is so encouraging! And their almost obsessive focus on openness is so refreshing!  - And it is full of life! Ben said something the other night at our all floor meeting . . . to live in the fullness of life. - I see in them the desire of my own heart (in the spirit) to be wide awake, striving after righteousness, to live in the fullness of the resurrection now, in this life.
"And so I would like to be a true
human being, dear reader - a choice
not altogether possible now.
But that is what I'm for, the side
I'm on."
I see in them, and in this school's heart the solid rock of the truth (pursued by faulty, sinful human beings - I mean that more than just as a "christianiese" qualifier, but as essential to the idea)  - the truth being preached back to me. - Sometimes it flows through me, enters me as subjectively true. Other times I only beat up against it, too consumed by worries, or tiredness, or sinfulness to let it enter me - but there it is anyway. The Truth; A resistant reality. (And he that has ears to hear, let him hear)

I'm grateful that God has put me here.


A&A said…
Ah, this post radiates fullness. I am so happy on your behalf!
Hannah said…
"I'm grateful that God has put me here."

As I am likewise.

... =D
Lisa McLean said…
It does me good to know there are young men like you out there. Best wishes at Wheaton!

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