Abraham and Isaac and the Trinity

I deleted this post by accident. So I'm posting it here again because I'd like to be able to find it.

The Child is promised, Isaac to be born (of a baron woman, who cannot give birth), he will become a multitude of nations, children of his father Abraham.
The Messiah is promised, Jesus, Immanuel, to be born (of a virgin, who cannot give birth), and he will adopt a multitude of nations to be his brothers and sisters, children of his father, The Father (from whom all fathers get their fatherliness).
Time passes, when will the son be born? How long, oh God, will Abraham continue childless?
Time passes, when will the Christ be born? How long, oh God, will we remain in bondage? (Did God, The Father, yearn for his son to enter the world?)
The son is born! And the mother and father rejoice! He is called “he laughs”, his name marks the joy (and perhaps the absurdity) of his coming!
The Son is born! And the mother and father, Father God, rejoice at his coming! He is called Immanuel, God with us, Jesus the Christ.
After these things, Abraham must sacrifice his son, his only son, whom he loves, who is not guilty, so that God may be satisfied. He is told and, in some way, at that moment Isaac dies for him.
After these things, the Father must sacrifice his Son, his only son, in whom he is well pleased, who is not guilty, so that he may satisfy himself.
Isaac takes on his back the wood of the burnt offering, and carries it to the mountain, the place of his sacrifice.
Jesus takes on his back the cross, and carries it to the mountain, Calvary, to the place of his Sacrifice.
Abraham cannot be understood, he does not doubt. ‘God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering.’
Jesus cannot be understood, he is to die, but he will rise again and return to them, and he is the sacrifice that God has provided for himself, the lamb for a burnt offering.
Isaac asks his father, where is the lamb? And Abraham tells his son to trust God.
Jesus asks his Father, may this cup pass from me? And the Father tells his Son, trust me.
Isaac’s fate is left not (in some way) to God, or anyone else, but his own father, Abraham. Abraham will kill him.
Jesus’ fate is left to none other than his father, not Joseph, but his only father, his father in heaven, The Father will kill him.
And Abraham, Abraham does not sacrifice his son, God spares him that, he spares him suicide of posterity.
But God, God did not spare his own son. The Father did not send an angel to prevent them from crucifying Christ. Nor did God spare the Ram, the scapegoat, the propitiation for Isaac, and for the fruit of his loins.
And on the third day from Abraham hearing of Isaac’s death, Isaac, who has walked as a dead man these three days, is restored, alive again. Isaac is the first of the sons of Abraham.
Jesus, died and lay three day in the grave, and then rose again, restored; the first of the sons of God.
And the adopted sons of the living God, are also the adopted sons of Abraham, they are Isaac’s brothers and sisters! Grafted into both lines, which are one.
After these things Isaac seeks a wife. And Abraham sends his messenger with fine jewelry and when they find her, Rebekah (“to bind, to tie, beautiful, captivating.”), they adorn her and prepare her as a bride to be given to the bridegroom, Isaac.
And Jesus seeks a wife, a bride, and the Father sends his Messenger, the Holy Spirit with fine jewelry (kindness, love, patience, peace, wisdom, goodness, beauty, truth) and when he finds her, he adorns her and prepares her as the bride to be given to the bridegroom. She is The Church and its members are bound to one another, they are beautiful, captivating, a living ivory statue given to Christ.
The messenger of Abraham brings Rebekah to Isaac in the field, and while she is still a long way off he sees her and walks through the field to meet her. And she (beautifully adorned as she is) covers herself, knowing herself as his bride. And he takes her and loves her.
And the Messenger of The Father will bring The Church to Christ and while she is still a long way off he will run to her and call to her, and she will cover herself (beautifully adorned as she is with the jewels of the Spirit), and her veil will hide the multitude of her sins, so that Christ may take her, she whom he has died for, she whom he has created and made beautiful, and he will love her.


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